Client Services

We pride ourselves on being accessible as managers, and with a team of seasoned professionals to service your needs. Call or email us today for any questions you might have.


Ian Fairbrother

Tel: (416) 360-0311

Joanna Dragif

senior product specialist
Tel: (416) 926-4385

Noah Loucks

Product Specialist
Tel: (416) 926-4363


Karl Palmen

Senior Product Specialist
Tel: (604) 363-9591

Noel Dattrino

Senior Product Specialist
Tel: (604) 418-3434

Michael Kowalewich

Product Specialist
Tel: (250) 588-3491


Adam Hadji

Product Specialist
Tel: (514) 847-8918

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We offer a range of "liquid alt" alternative mutual funds and traditional hedge funds. Use the Document Search below to find and download the latest forms and regulatory documents for each of our funds.



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